Deadly Sins IABF.png

MW Projects at Independent Art Book Fair
September 21-22, 2019
Industria Williamsburg
Free and open to the public

Artist-made books, editions, zines and curiosities exploring the deadly sins
by Alva CalyMayor, Liana Finck, Aaron Krach, ODDANT, RRD and Dasha Ziborova


Independent Art Book Fair (IABF) is a new platform for an independent group of publishers, bookmakers and artists. Participants present projects, editions and publications that reflect and create a dialogue among current ideas relevant to contemporary art and artistic practice. With a mission to create an accessible and approachable environment where publishers, artists and visitors can have valuable experiences by connecting with each other within a larger creative audience, IABF is designed to allow for conversation and embrace a variety of publishing communities.